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Dexter® Leather Sheath, 6" Produce Knives, Leather, Brown

Keep your produce knife protected and convenient with this leather sheath. Stitched and riveted leather construction with belt loops. Delivers safety for the user and protection for the blade edge.

Alternate #DRI 20400
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The economical choice for light-duty cutting jobs. Fully retractable blade for safety. Each cutter includes one blade. 12 cutters per box.

Alternate #CSO091460
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San Jamar® Klever Kutter™ Carton Opener - Red

3 Cutters per Pack.

Alternate #KK403
Add to Cart $14.88/PA

Stanley® Straight Handle Knife w/Retractable 13 Point Snap-Off Blade, Yellow/Gray

Removable blade snapper in cap snaps off blade sections to provide fresh, sharp cutting points. For light-duty cutting and trimming.

Alternate #10-150
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Stanley® Curved Quick-Change Utility Knife, Stainless Steel Retractable Blade, 3 Blades

Utility knife has instant blade change with the push of a button and strong, durable construction that combines a cast metal core with bi-material soft panels for a sure grip. Curved handle design for comfort, control and balance, plus a padded thumb rest. Swing-out blade storage for easy blade access and integrated string cutter and retractable slide. Includes three stainless steel utility blades. Replacement blades sold separately. Large hang hole for pegboard storage.

Alternate #10-788
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Stanley® Plastic Light-Duty Utility Knife w/Retractable Blade, Yellow

For light-duty cutting jobs. Can be used with optional Stanley® 11-921A Wall-Mount Blade Dispenser with 100 blades (sold separately). Includes five heavy-duty blades.

Alternate #10-065
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Stanley® Quick-Change Retractable Utility Knife

Swing-out blade storage magazine. Three-position retractable blade slide. Includes three blades.

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Stanley® Interlock Safety Utility Knife w/Self-Retracting Round Point Blade, Red Orange

Spring-loaded, round point blade retracts automatically when not in use. Set for two cutting depths. Replacement blades (HUNX492/COS091470), sold separately.

Alternate #10-189C
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Stanley® 6 3/8" Quick Change Retractable Utility Knife

Change blades quickly, no screwdriver required. Three position retractable blade slide. Swing-out blade storage magazine. Integrated string cutter even when blade is retracted.

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Great Neck® Sheffield Folding Lockback Knife, 1 Utility Blade, Blue

One-hand opening lockback utility knife in blue. This innovative and useful tool combines the best features of a lockback knife with a utility knife. The blade is changed easily using patented snap lock and sliding mechanism.

Alternate #12113
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Great Neck® Sheffield Lockback Knife, 1 Utility Blade, Red

Ultimate folding lockback utility knife. Patented quick change mechanism for easy blade changes.

Alternate #58113
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Great Neck® Sheffield Mini Lockback Knife, 1 Utility Blade, Red

Mini ultimate lockback utility knife. Patented quick change mechanism for easy blade changes. 2-1/2" aluminum handle for lightweight strength.

Alternate #58116
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Quality Park Slice™ Cutters

Safety and savings aren't rocket science; they're simple with Slice™ cutters! Choose durability and strength, with Slice™ patented ceramic blades that last up to 10x longer than steel. A single Slice™ ceramic blade can take the place of up to 20 metal blades. They are safer than traditional metal blades, yet they cut through corrugated packaging like butter. Fewer blade changes mean less money spent and fewer injuries. The zirconium oxide ceramic blade never rusts like metal blades do and is non-corrosive, non-conductive and non-sparking with an oil-free finish.

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X-ACTO® Light-Duty Aluminum Handle Knife w/Replaceable No. 11 Blade, Safety Cap

Aluminum handle with #11 blade for fine deep cutting. Replacement blades sold separately.

Alternate #X3001
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COSCO Easycut™ Self-Retracting Cutter

Safety-tipped blades retract automatically upon release of handle. Unique adjustable dial allows different blade cutting lengths, ensuring the blade isn't too far out. Prevents cutting interior items in package. Handle features retractable edge guides for cutting box tops as well as a blade storage compartment pre-stocked with three replacement blades.

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COSCO Jiffi-Cutter Compact Utility Knife w/Retractable Blade, 12/Box

Safe, fully retractable blade. Compact design. Easily slide blade back into its sheath when not in use. Includes one blade per cutter.

Alternate #091460
Add to Cart $12.50/BX

COSCO Plastic Utility Knife w/Retractable Blade & Snap Closure, Yellow

Unique snap closure for easy blade changes. Replacment blades COSCO 091470 (sold separately).

Alternate #091467
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San Jamar® Klever Kutter Safety Cutter, 1 Razor Blade, Red

Dual-cut notches, one shallow hook on each side, extends cutter's use life. Patented recessed-blade design eliminates the potential for employee injury while protecting carton contents from damage. Ergonomically contoured handle provides a great fit for adult hands. Lanyard hole enables easy utility belt and pegboard storage.

Alternate #SAN KK403
Add to Cart $17.99/PK