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Ice Melter


Quest Back Down Snow Repellent - 11 oz. Net Wt.

Specially formulated wax keeps snow, slush and ice from sticking to snow removal equipment, plows, snowmobiles, snow blowers, and ski equipment. Also use on snow shovels and more.

Alternate #2155
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Quest Liquefire Anti-Icing Agent - Gal.

An environmentally responsible solution to help fight a winter storm before it arrives. When applied to sidewalks, steps, ramps and traffic areas before a storm, it will prevent the bonding of snow and ice to the surface. This means a fast and effective clean-up after the storm. Is also excellent at melting thin layers of ice and snow left behind by snow blowers and plows. It eliminates the unsightly residue that granular products leave behind. It is tested and proven to be effective to -25°F. This formula is ready to use. DO NOT MIX WITH WATER. PNS (Pacific Northwest Snowfighters) certified. HMIS Ratings: H-1, F-0, R-0, P-B.

Alternate #6010-1
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Safe Step® Pro Series 370 Econo Blend Blue Ice Melt, 50lb Bag, 49/Carton

Powerful magnesium chloride/sodium chloride mix provides cost-effective, high-quality performance. High-visibility, bright blue crystals simplify even application. Effective down to -7° F.

Alternate #ICE SS56370
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Safe Step® Pro Series 550 Select Blend Ice Melt, 50lb Bag, 49/Carton

Those in the market for a high-quality, cost-efficient ice melt should try this potassium chloride/sodium chloride-based blend. Safe-to-handle product has been scientifically formulated for maximum melting power. Non-hygroscopic crystals are effective down to 0° F. Non-clumping; features an unlimited shelf life.

Alternate #ICE WS-50WH
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Safe Step® Pro Series® 570 Select Blend® Blue Ice Melt

Sodium chloride-based, scientifically formulated blend delivers superior melting power. Safe-to-handle, highly visible bright blue crystals are easy to apply evenly and efficiently. Non-hygroscopic ice melt is effective down to 0° F. Non-clumping product features an unlimited shelf life.

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Safe Step® Pro Series® 960 Choice Formula Ice Melt

Thoroughly blended, top-shelf ingredients ensure synergistic, fast-acting melting power. Less toxic than baking soda, Pro Series® 960 is safe for people, pets and lawns when used as directed. MG 104® melting catalyst accelerates performance while minimizing the potential for refreeze. Effective down to -10° F.

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Safe Step® Pro Series® 370 Econo Blend Blue® Ice Melt

Blue color crystals, easy-to-see for even applications. Won't stain carpets or floors. Economical and effective; melts ice down to -7° F. Ideal for large application areas. Contains a corrosion inhibitor. 67% less corrosive on metal than rock salt.

Alternate #56370
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