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Hoses & Nozzles


Elmer's® Gallon-Jug Glue-Dispensing Pump, Plastic, White

Handy dispenser is designed to be used with Elmer's® gallon-sized Multipurpose Glue and Washable No Run School Glue bottles. It makes refilling smaller glue bottles a snap while minimizing waste. Cleans up easily with water.

Alternate #E343
Add to Cart $34.64/EA

Gilmour® Insulated Grip Nozzle, Pistol-Grip, Zinc/Brass/Rubber, Red

Insulated spray nozzle remains comfortable in your hand, whether the water is hot or cold. Features solid brass valve stem with adjustable nut. Contains hold-open clip for continuous spraying. Convenient male-threaded head allows for attaching additional accessories. Stainless steel spring won't rust.

Alternate #305-572TFR
Add to Cart $10.74/EA

Gilmour® Pistol Grip Nozzle, Full Size, Threaded Front

Male threaded front for attaching accessories. Solid brass valve stem with permanent adjusting nut. Hold-open clip for continuous spraying. Rust resistant stainless steel spring. Self-adjusting "duck" packing for lifetime leak proof seal.

Alternate #305-573TF
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Gilmour® Straight Twist Nozzle, Brass/Rubber, Black

Easy-twist, straight hose nozzle features solid brass valve stem for durability. Tip contains four openings for efficient, full flow. Adjustable spray valve requires only three quick turns to go from closed to full-spray. Front and rear O-ring seals for leakproof shutoff. Comfortable rubber grip.

Alternate #305-528
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Tolco® Insulated Hose Nozzle

Heavy duty. Zinc body with brass valve. Trigger lock. Plastic molded outer body (protects user against extreme water temperature). Adjustable spray pattern.

Alternate #210100
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Unger® Easy Adapter Hose, 6ft

Conveniently fill your buckets on-site without the mess and heavy lifting from the sink. Hose fits onto standard faucet and remains firmly in place.

Alternate #UNG WH180
Add to Cart $42.05/EA

Unger® HiFlo™ nLite Hose - 36'

Standard hose connector. High pressure hose. Provides standard female hose connector.

Alternate #NL11G
Add to Cart $68.66/EA