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Misty® Glypho Kill 2 - Gal.

A ready-to-use herbicide intended to control a broad spectrum of emerged annual and perennial weed species.

Alternate #B0057004G
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aero® Knock Out Non-Selective Weed Killer - 20 oz.

Controls weeds and grasses through foliage and root contact. A solvent based non-selective weed killer designed to be applied on non-cropland areas. Use where bare ground is desired. Contains Bromacil & 2-4-D.

Alternate #469520SA
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aero® Sudden Death Vegetation Killer - GaL.

Concentrated, non-selective, non-residual, contact vegetation killer. When used as directed, will kill most forms of plant growth without damage to soil. Active Ingredient: 1.85% diquat dibromide. Dilution: Varies, refer to label. Black/odorless. 4 per case.

Alternate #653041SA
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aero® Titanic Weed Killer - Gal.

A water-dilutable, diquat dibromide-based contact weed killer for use as a general non-selective weed killer on non-crop areas and as an aquatic weed killer. Works through foliage of the plants by blocking the photosynthesis process and is deactivated in soil upon contact with clay particles. Non-residual/contact weed killer.

Alternate #650141SA
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