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Auto & Walk Behind Scrubbers


Minuteman® E17/E20 Walk Behind Scrubbers

Available in brush drive or traction drive. Low brush deck is ideal for cleaning underneath obstacles such as skids, warehouse racks and other stationary objects. Available with Quick Pack.

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Minuteman® E20 Sport Autoscrubber - 20", Traction Drive

SPORT (Scrub Polish or Remove Top Two Coats) can easily and economically provide users with the means to perform chemical free surface preparation and or the removal of floor finish to effectively clean and restore floors. All of the features and the advanced technology that make the E20 an outstanding daily autoscrubber are enhanced by the integration of SPORT technology. SPORT (Scrub Polish or Remove Top Two Coats). Brush type: disc; Brush motor power: 1 hp.

Alternate #E20-SQP-TD
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Minuteman® E20 Walk Behind Scrubber - 20", TD, Quick Pack

Cylindrical deck has an integrated sweeping function. On-board charger is convenient and allows the machine to be charged anywhere. Green Features include: Sound level <=70 dBs, tool free brush removal, tool free squeegee removal, one button operation. A cylindrical scrub brush system will (wet) sweep small amounts of solid debris into a removable tray while also washing the floor. You eliminated the manual pre sweeping of your factory or warehouse floor for greater productivity and fewer clogs in the squeegee section of the scrubber. Plus there is often no need for an additional separate sweeper or even a combination machine when a cylindrical machine will do the job. Cylindrical scrubber usually turn their brushes at a speed that is three times the rotation of a disk brush. They are an ideal choice for grouted tile or concrete floors that are not perfectly smooth. A compact disc brush scrubber with a 20" cleaning path. Squeegee width: 33"; Working Speed: 3.1 mph. Drive motor: 1/5 HP; Brush motor: 3/4 HP. Brush Type: Cylindrical. Onboard charger 115V, 50/60 HZ.

Alternate #E20-CQP
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Minuteman® E26 Walk Behind Scrubber - 26", TD, Quick Pack

The E26 and E30 are disc models equipped with Aqua-stop. Squeegee with quick adjust system to quickly dry even the most challenging floors. Easy access to batteries and components. Simplified control panel. Brushes and water stop automatically when the machine comes to a stand still. Precise dosage of cleaning solution. Amount of cleaning solution released depends upon machine speed. Aqua-Stop is not available on pad drivers. Two powerful brush motors guarantee an even cleaning result across the whole width of the machine. Working Speed: 2.3 mph.

Alternate #E26QP
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Minuteman® E26ECO Walk-Behind Scrubber-26", TD, Quick Pack

Low brush deck is ideal for cleaning around and underneath obstacles. Large tank opening for fast filling. Equipped with Aqua-Stop. Brush or pad holder: (2) 13". Squeegee width: 35.4". Drive Motor: .2 HP; Brush Motor: .75 HP (2).

Alternate #E26ECOQP
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Minuteman® H20 Hospital Scrubber-20", TD, Quick Pack,140AH

Designed for use in hospitals and other patient care facilities. With advanced technology, new green clean features and the revolutionary Aqua-stop; This series has been engineered to change the way you clean floors. Anti-microbial recovery tank is hygienic and easy-to-clean. Flow-optimized recovery tanks with Anti-Foam System (AFS) protects the vacuum motor from damage. Kill claim for H Series is Escherichia Coli (E-coli) and Staphyloccocus Aureus (Staph) resulting in greater than 99% bacterial reduction rate. Hospital quiet with anti-microbial recovery tank.

Alternate #H20-DTDQP
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Minuteman® Port A Scrub® - 12" w/Standard Poly Brush

Thoroughly cleans the toughest floors. Easily accessible and removable tanks. Low noise level at 69 db. Easy to use, one hand operation. 1 hp motor. 44" H w/handle 8" w/o handle x 17" W x 15" L. 3,770 square feet per hour cleaning capacity. 650 rpm brush speed.

Alternate #M12110
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Minuteman® Port A Scrub® 14 Scrubber - 14", 115V

Available in 115V, 220V and battery. Machine cleans and recovers cleaning solution all in one pass in forward or reverse. Easy, no tool, brush removal. Quick fill and drain capability. Automatic solution/brush shutoff. Battery machine includes battery pack trolley including on-board charger. Collapsible handle for simple storage. Dual counter rotating brushes that remove heavy soil on smooth and three dimensional floors. Cleaning Capacity: 7,500 sq ft per hour Nominal. Squeegee Width: 18". Brush Speed: 780 rpm.

Alternate #M14110
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Tennant 5700 Walk Behind Scrubbers

With the tenacious power of the Model 5700 walk-behind scrubber, nothing stands in the way of clean floors. Two aggressive scrubbing brushes apply up to 300 lbs of down pressure to dislodge and pick up stubborn dirt, grime, oil, or sand--even nuts and bolts. Ideal for cleaning tile grout lines commonly found in shopping malls. Maintains an attractive shine on finished floors. w/FaST™ Foam Scrubbing Technology.

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Tennant T5-600 Walk-Behind Scrubber - 24" Disk, 240AH

Quiet clean with an OSHA-recognized test-standard 67 dBA. Brush motor: (2) 0.75 hp; Brush rpm: 220. Vacuum motor: 0.85 hp; Waterlift: 62". 4 x 6 V 240 AH/up to 5.5 hours run time.

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Tennant Model 5100

This slim 17-inch scrubber delivers high performance in tight and congested areas. 36" H x 39" L x 19.5" W.

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Tennant Model 5400

The model 5400 walk-behind power scrubber offers unprecedented value, versatility, and vigor, all in a smooth-operation machine that fits the toughest budgets. 50" L x 22" W x 41" H.

Alternate #M5400
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Tennant Model 5680 Walk Behind Scrubbers

Easy-to-use Quick-Train control panel reduces training time, making operators more productive sooner and, with so little water used to create foam, operators scrub up to 3x longer between empty/fill stops. A corrosion-resistant scrub-deck, impact-absorbing linkages, and exclusive 10/3/3 warranty all mean the 5680 is up and cleaning day after day. (2) 0.75 hp brush motors, disk; 0.5 hp Transaxle motor. (6) 235AH, 6 volt batteries and 20 amp charger.

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Tennant Model 7100 Ride-On Scrubbers

Offering industrial-strength cleaning in a smaller riding machine. Engineered to increase comfort and boost productivity. Narrow enough to scrub through a 36" doorway. Can turn in a six-foot-wide aisle. Brush Motor (2) 0.75 hp. Propel Motor: 1.6 hp.

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Tennant T1 Compact Low Profile Cylindrical Scrubber - 15"

Scrub small, tight spaces with T1's compact, best-in-class design. Powerful scrubbing action, excellent solution recovery, and fully cleanable hygenic tank. Scrub motor: 0.4 hp, 2400 rpm. Power supply: 120V or 230V. Frequency: 50/60 Hz.

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Tennant T3 Walk Behind Auto Scrubbers

Exclusive Hygienic tanks allow for easy access and sanitization, reducing mold, bacteria and other contaminants that can grow in enclosed tanks. Also available with ec-H20™ which is a cleaning technology that electrically-activates tap water to behave like a powerful detergent. Cleaning effectiveness is the same or better than general purpose cleaners, without the environmental or health impacts of producing, packaging, transporting, using, and disposing of traditional chemicals. You start with water and end with just water. Delivers an advanced state of safety and cleanliness and a sound level of 75% quieter than competitive models. Vacuum Motor: .5 hp two stage.

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Tennant T5 Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Available with and without FaST™. Available in disk or cylindrical. Foam-based FaST™ is the key to peak productivity and safety. Using an innovative foam-based detergent delivery system, scrubbers with FaST™ increase productivity, eliminate the need for operator to handle chemicals, and leave just-cleaned floors virtually dry and safe for traffic. Also available with echo™ which is a cleaning technology that electrically-activates tap water to behave like a powerful detergent. Cleaning effectiveness is the same or better than general purpose cleaners, without the environmental or health impacts of producing, packaging, transporting, using, and disposing of traditional chemicals. You start with water and end with just water. ec-H20™ Eliminate general purpose cleaners with the chemical-free technology that cleans without the environmental and human health issues associated with producing, transporting, packaging, using and disposing of harsh cleaning chemcials. Hygenic® tanks reduce on-board mold, bacteria, and other contaminants. Batter power provides OSHA-recognized, whisper-quiet operation. 22.5 gallon solution tank capacity, 27 gallon recovery tank. (4) 6V, 235 AH batteries, charger included.

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Tennant T1 Battery Micro-Scrubber - 15", Lithium-Ion Battery

The T1 Battery Micro Scrubber delivers a safe, efficient cleaning option for your environment. Increase safety with the T1 battery's cord free scrubbing. Clean small, congested areas, in forward and reverse, with the T1 battery's compact, maneuverable design. Touch up high traffic areas multiple times per day with optional lithium ion battery that's virtually always ready to clean. Also available with AGM batteries. Cord-free flexibility allows cleaning even when people are present. Compact, forward and reverse scrubbing and drying delivers best-in-class cleaning. Scrub motor: 0.65 hp. Vacuum motor: 0.5 hp, 1-stage, waterlift (sealed) 25".

Alternate #9008638
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Tornado® BR18/11 Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber-18", Cyl

World class scrubbers delivering superior productivity, durability and increased health and safety. Perfect for smaller areas such as commercial builds, hotels, schools, restaurants, retail shops and hospitals. In your choice of disc or cylindrical brush for hard floor scrubbing. Features a tough, no-hassle, quick-change parabolic squeegee system delivering 100% solution recovery, even on 180 degree turns. Vac Motor: .6 hp. Brush Motor: .6 hp.

Alternate #99685
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Betco® Genie™ B Mini All Purpose Scrubber

Compact size cleans where others can't, quickly disassembles for transport or storage. User friendly onboard charger and maintenance free battery. Brush motor: 1/3 hp; vacuum motor: 1/3 hp. Cleaning Path: 14", Squeegee: 17" parabolic. Solution tank: 3 gallon; recovery tank: 3 gallon.

Alternate #83039
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Betco® Stealth™ ASD20B Autoscrubber - 20", Brush, 130AH

Offers an innovative design with an extreme noise reduction system and are 4X quieter than other automatic scrubbers to make this the most quiet machine in it's class. Day cleaning is now a reality with this automatic scrubber, the only things noticeable are the clean and dry floors. Double sound insulated vacuum. Rugged weighted squeegee removes water to reduce slip and fall injuries. User friendly controls and gauges. Vacuum motor: 0.75 hp.

Alternate #87030
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Tennant T2 Walk-Behind Compact Scrubber - 17" Disk

Delivers superior cleaning and floor safety with the best-in-class 1.0 hp brush motor and water recovery. Solid gray urethane tires. Solution tank: 7 Gal.; Recovery tank: 9.5 Gal. Vac motor: 0.4 hp, 2 stage; CFM: 65; Waterlift: 40". Battery: 105AH, on-board charger; Includes pad driver.

Alternate #MV-T2-0001
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Tennant T300 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers

On-board machine instructions help ensure machine is operated in a safe manner for better results, simplified training, and reduce cost to clean. Insta-Click™ head allows TennantTrue® pads and brushes to be installed ergonomically, resulting in a safer, faster, low-touch installation. Vac motor allows machine to clean using as low as 65 dBA for a safer cleaning environment. Hygienic® tanks allow for easy access when cleaning to help reduce mold, bacteria and other contaminants that can grow in enclosed tanks.

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