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Rags/Towels/Cloth Wipers


HOSPECO® Bleached Knits - 25 lb.

New white t-shirts knits, bleached. May be smooth or lightly ribbed. Excellent for staining and a favorite of painters.

Alternate #455-25
Add to Cart $155.00/CA

HOSPECO® New Colored T-Shirt Rags - 10 lb.

Made of unwashed, new t-shirt, mill-end material. Fabric content can vary from cotton to cotton blends and jersey or smooth knit. Unwashed wipers have lower water absorbency. Packed in Corrugate.

Alternate #245-10
Add to Cart $29.64/CA

Ness Second Quality Airlaid Disposable Cloth

Basic weight and pattern of material will vary. An alternative to First Quality at an economical value. Bulk packed. 8" & Up. Weight: 20 lbs.

Alternate #A5302
Add to Cart $35.43/CA

Hospital Specialty Co. Bleached White T-Shirt Rags, Multi-Fabric, 25 lb Polybag

Reusable rags are vacuum-packed in a heavy-duty polybag/brick. Cut-up T-shirt rags are great for general-purpose tasks. Bleached white. Grab them instead of your old shirts.

Alternate #HOS 455-25BP
Add to Cart $143.74/CT

Hospital Specialty Co. Colored T-Shirt Rags, Multicolored, Multi-Fabric,10 lb Polybag

Fresh, unwashed t-shirt rags made from mill-end material. A mixed variety of fabric content is adaptable to a variety of cleaning purposes. Unwashed wipers have a lower water absorbency. Compressed towels come in heavy gauge polybags for easy storage.

Alternate #HOS 245-10BP
Add to Cart $26.82/CT

Hospital Specialty Co. Counter Cloth/Bar Mop, White, Cotton, 12/Bag, 5 Bags/Carton

Reuse these rags to soak up liquids on tables and bar counters. First-quality ribbed terry bar mops are 100% cotton. Come vacuum packed in heavy-duty polybag/brick.

Alternate #HOS 536-60-5DZBX
Add to Cart $64.96/CT

Hospital Specialty Co. Counter Cloth/Bar Mop, Value Choice, White, 25 Pounds/Bag

Reusable rags great for soaking up liquids and other messes on tables and bars. Made of soft terry-type material. Vacuum packed in a polybag for a value-size purchase.

Alternate #HOS 534-25BP
Add to Cart $147.90/CT

Intedge Heavy Terry Bar Towels, Terrycloth, 17 x 20, White, 60/Carton

Short towel is a handy, portable way to keep the bar clean. Heavy, absorbent terrycloth is great for sloppy liquid mess. Ideal for quick clean up of spills and accidents. Terry towels are a bar and restaurant staple that help minimize end of the night cleanup.

Alternate #ITI 313SP-28
Add to Cart $106.65/CT