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Sandwich Wraps


Bagcraft™ EcoCraft® Sandwich Wrap - 12" x 12"

Multi-purpose sandwich wraps or basket liners. Less mess with grease resistant paper. Hot or cold applications and microwaveable. Easy to eat convenience for single portions.

Alternate #300897
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BagcraftPapercon™ Honeycomb™ Foil Sandwich Wraps

Exclusive foil/paper lamination retains heat, absorbs steam. Resists curl. Excellent deadfold capabilities. Premium appearance. Unprinted.

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Bagcraft™ Grease Resistant Paper Wrap - Red Check

Use as basket liner or sandwich wrap. Excellent moisture barrier. 12" x 12".

Alternate #057700
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Dixie® Quik-rap® - 15" x 16", White

Complete selection of grades for every performance requirement.

Alternate #891255
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Dixie® Menu Tissue Untreated Paper Sheets, 12 x 12, White, 1000/Pack, 10/Carton

Paper sheets are great for light food-handling duties. They have some added wet strength. As a result, they hold up well in moist conditions without tearing or falling apart. Perfect for use as a bottle or cone wrap.

Alternate #DIX 862491
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Dixie® Quik-Rap® Grease-Resistant Sandwich Paper

Quik-Rap® sandwich paper is highly grease-resistant and fights the soak-through of juices and condiments. Microwaveable. Non-dry waxed sheets will not crack under heat. Work great as basket-liners or sandwich wrappers.

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Reynolds® Cushion-Fold® Plain Foil Wrap - 14" x 16"

The wrap with superior deadfold to conform tightly to every shape. Triple thermal barrier protection keeps hot foods hot, cold foods cold and prevents leaks. Available plain, product identification design and with random stripe.

Alternate #7534
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Bagcraft SW1818 DryWax Paper, 18 x 18, White, 1000/Box, 3 Boxes/Carton

Economical sheets perfectly meet most food handling needs. Coated paper acts as an excellent grease and moisture barrier. Proven to retain heat when used as a wrap.

Alternate #P054018
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Bagcraft Papercon® EcoCraft® Grease-Resistant Paper Wrap & Liner

Grease-resistant coating prevents oil, sauce and condiment penetration. Breathable paper allows steam and moisture to escape. Ideal for use as a sandwich wrap or as a basket liner.

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Bagcraft Papercon® Grease-Resistant Paper Wrap/Liners

Wrap/liner is an excellent low-cost, low-waste alternative to paper cartons and plastic containers. Grease-resistant coating provides bleed-through protection. Perfectly suited for use as a sandwich wrap or as a basket/tray liner.

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Bagcraft Papercon® Honeycomb Insulated Wrap

Superior dead-fold action ensures tight-hold wrapping. Two layers: reflective foil and moisture-absorbing paper help keep crispy breads and buns fresh. Honeycomb design creates air pockets, enabling superior heat retention.

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