Are you getting the most out of your floor care program?
Buckeye is dedicated to the research and development of innovative products to meet the demands of today's floors. Let your floor program work for you. Compare total product usages, labor requirements, and determine overall savings and effectiveness with the Buckeye Floor Care Program.

The Buckeye Floor Care Program

It's Time To Shine

Achieve superior gloss and durability with Buckeye floor finishes for your specific maintenance needs. Buckeye floor finishes are non-yellowing and non-powdering with an excellent response to burnishing – features that will extend your strip cycles and save significant labor hours!

15% Chemical, 85% Labor

The Buckeye Floor Care Program
can help save on total program cost.

Labor Reduction provides the biggest opportunity for total program cost savings.

Your time is valuable.

Strip floors cost effectively, without harsh odors, and in one application with Buckeye floor strippers. Formulated with patented Liquescent® technology, Buckeye floor strippers are butyl-free and work in cold water.


Why do you have to scrub and recoat less often with the Buckeye Floor care program?

Although reduced labor provides the most significant reduction in overall program costs, fewer recoats and stripouts also mean a reduction in product usage.


Buckeye floor finishes and sealers are non-powdering, non-yellowing, self-leveling, and U.L. listed for slip resistance. Buckeye floor finishes are designed for superior performance and reduced stripping frequencies.


All Buckeye strippers contain patented Liquescent® technology, work in cold water, contain no butyl, work in one application, and are concentrated.