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Datek, Inc. at the Children's HospitalDatek, Inc., with our corporate headquarters located in North Little Rock, AR was established in 1976 to sell and service a quality line of cleaning and janitorial supplies. Through the years, Datek has become a major distributor of janitorial chemicals, laundry and warewash, cleaning equipment and other miscellaneous supplies.

Most recently, we are proud to announce a new acquisition and branch office in Searcy, AR. At Vacuum City/ Datek in Searcy we service local businesses and retail customers with the same quality commercial products as well as leading brands for top of the line residential vacuums.

Today, our offices and distribution center serve a regional and local customer base throughout Arkansas. We also maintain a strong presence in the Memphis Metro area as well as eastern Oklahoma, northeast Texas and southwest Missouri. We serve thousands of customers including school districts, nursing home chains, independent and national hotel chains, building service contractors and manufacturing plants. We have 10 outside salespeople as well as office support and operations staff, warehouse and delivery drivers. In addition, we have an equipment rental team and several service technicians. We are successful because of the customer service and quality products that we provide to our customers. We have developed customized cleaning and maintenance programs for our clients.

With the Datek program, customers can realize the following benefits:

  • Competitive prices
  • Quality products produced by today's leading manufacturers
  • The ability to meet your unique product standardization needs
  • Market expertise – based on years of professional experience
  • Local and flexible service
  • Single contact point for direct communication
  • Online ordering or customized order forms that will save time and money
  • Fastest growing Jan/San company in Arkansas

Datek is able to provide control over pricing, compliance, standardization and consolidation of products while realizing the benefits of local, professional, and individualized service to meet your operational needs.


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